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Technigro 17-5-24 plus

Technigro 17-5-24 plus

Category:   Soluble

Manufacturer:   Technigro


High K Formula for turf and Poinsettas.

17-5-24 Plus is great for all crops, especially poinsettias and geraniums. 17-5-24 will not strongly affect growing media pH. This high nitrate formula is an excellent source to supply readily available magnesium and sulfur resulting in improved plant vigor and deeper green leaves. Elevated molybdenum and zinc levels to supply the high nutrient demands of poinsettias. Peat-lite level of minor nutrients sufficient for soilless growing media. Use occasional feeds of 15-0-15 or 13-2-13 for Ca & Mg if your irrigation water is pure.

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Product Number:   FER790-17524

Product ID:   690

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