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Kali-Green KBI Carbonet

Kali-Green KBI Carbonet

Category:   Fungicide

Manufacturer:   Nichimen


Potassium bicarbonate for Powdery Mildew Kaligreen is a contact-type fungicide for the control of powdery mildew. It contains microencapsulated potassium bicarbonate as the active ingredient and direct contact with the fungus is absolutely necessary for control. Potassium ion balance in the fungus cell is broken by Kaligreen; cell walls collapse, shrinking the cells and destroying the fungus. Mix thoroughly with water and add a spreader-sticker and agitate. Do not mix with highly acidic materials since Kaligreen is a weak alkaline material and decomposes in highly acidic conditions. Labeled for over 40 crops. Not for use through irrigation systems.

SDS/MSDS link:   http://www.cdms.net/LDat/mp7FG004.pdf

More Information:   http://hawaiigrowerproducts.com/maui-organic-products.php

Product Number:   CHM495-00020

Product ID:   116

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