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Contec DG is a combination of premium turf nutrients and patented dispersing granule technology designed to optimize granular applied turf nutrition.
Enhanced Nutrient Distribution
Upon contact with water each granule disperses into thousands of micro particles that move through the turf canopy and into the root zone.
Dispersibility eliminates problems with mower pick-up, sticky residue on equipment and product washing or run-off.
High Visibility Granules
The new Hi Vis granules increase visibility of the product for the applicator resulting in improved application accuracy.
Sticky Residue
Contec DG melts into the turf canopy. The result is no sticky fertilizer residue which can accumulate on shoes, balls and equipment.
No Mower Damage or Residual Shells
Contec DG technology does not rely on a physical coating to release nutrients. Coated nutrients are very susceptible to damage from mowers resulting in premature nutrient release.
No Mower Pickup
Contec DG readily disperses into the turf canopy following irrigation eliminating mower pickup and delivering 100% of the applied nutrient to the turf. Mower pickup of conventional granular fertilizers is reported to be as high as 15-25%. This loss of nutrition impacts turf health and actually increases the cost of using conventional fertilizers.
No Particle Movement
Contec DG disperses quickly and completely when watered moving through the turf canopy and into the soil. In a heavy rain or over-irrigation conventional fertilizers may float and be carried off the intended application area or be deposited in low lying areas where they may cause damage.
0-0-25 Contec DG
with MG Proactin
6-0-12 Contec DG
with Mn, Mg, Proactin
17-0-17 Contec DG
with 50% MUtech,
50% AS, Fe, Mn
18-9-18 Contec DG
with 60% MUtech
30-0-0 Contec DG
with 90% MUtech-L

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