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are the Soluble Nutrients and Additives from


CANNA’s nutrients for cultivating on pre fertilized soil and soiless mediums are called CANNA TERRA. CANNA TERRA can be used for cultivation in both containers & beds, indoor & outdoors. The biggest advantages of growing with soil based systems are its ease of use and the tolerant nature of this medium.


CANNA Aqua is the nutrient that has been specifically developed for the use in combination closed hydroponic systems, like NFT or Bubbler systems. With these systems the drainage water isn’t removed but is reused.

In this sort of system the plants are in direct contact with the nutrient solution. Because the plants do not absorb all the nutritional elements with equal speed or in equal amounts, the composition of the nutrient solution changes over time.


CANNA Coco was the first nutrient product that was suitable for use when growing on coco and it still hasn’t been equalled after all these years.

CANNA Coco gives unrivalled results on CANNA’s coco substrate. This substrate combines the tolerant, organic nature of soil with the precision of rockwool. Due to the special characteristics of the substrate the nutrient doesn’t have a Vega and Flores variant, but there is one unique formulation for both growth and blooming phase. We can’t make things easier!


CANNA additives are products meant for use alongside the main nutrient.
They are not complete nutrients themselves but a way to complete your nutrients during the different stages in the growing cycle of your crop. They are used to improve plant health and yield.

There are four different additives available, all with their own purpose.

Perhaps the most soluble fertilizer on the planet!

Technigro is a very effective, high-quality fertilizer. Perhaps the most soluble brand of water soluble fertilizer available. Technigro fertilizers dissolve more quickly and easily in all water qualities. Regardless of the watering equipment or injector, Technigro fertilizers stay in solution and never leave trace elements in the bottom of the tank. The result? You spend less time, experience fewer problems and more effectively fertilize your plants. Any one of our eight analyses is extremely easy to work with. All "Plus" formulations are recommended for use in peat-lite growing media that do not contain appreciable amounts of micro nutrients.

The Technigro line offers a wide variety of unique formulations to meet the nutrient needs of your crops. Products may contain calcium, magnesium and/or sulfur in addition to N-P-K and trace elements. Technigro formulations are always designated as either Plus or All- Purpose. Plus formulations contain an enriched, well-balanced combination of chelated trace elements suitable for use with soilless growing media, or whenever an enriched micronutrient package is desired. All-Purpose formulations are designed for use with growing mixes containing native soil, or when trace elements are adequate in soilless media.
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