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Featured Product
Featured Products

HGP's Featured Products for the Golf Industry are from ParAid.
It takes more than great turf and bunkers to wow golfers. Because golfers today appreciate the role accessories play in course conditions. They see, touch and feel them on every hole. To wow todayís golfer, you also need the appropriate mix of properly maintained accessories. It is cost effective and contributes to a positive and lasting impression on golfers, reinforcing the courseís reputation. And yours.
 Click Here for More Par Aide TEE Accessory Information (Ball Washers)
It all adds up to the perfection and durability you can only get with a Par Aide Ball Washer. Give the golfer the feel of precision, quality and superior functionality.
  • Hand Assembled, Highest Quality Materials
  • Irridite Process Improves Paint Adhesion
  • Nylon Bristles Set in Rubber
  • Nickel-Plated Hardware
  • Made in the U.S.A. by Par Aide Using Our Molds
  • Foam Rubber Gaskets
Because golf balls have a dimpled surface to improve their aerodynamic properties, increasing both distance and control, and are used primarily on grassy surfaces, they tend to collect dirt and grass easily, which can adversely affect their aerodynamic characteristics. To maintain these aerodynamic properties balls are usually inspected for dirt before play, and washed if required.
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for all your Hawaiian Golf Course Needs.
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"The flagstick is like a sentry on the green. Here, the last thing a golfer needs is a distraction. So clean, bright flagsticks with new ferrules that donít bind are a must."
Fiberglass Flagsticks
Tapered Tournament Flagsticks
Aluminum Tournament Flagsticks
Par Aide / Laser Link Smartsticks
Vinyl-Covered Flagsticks
-Because Golfers Notice.
"Thereís a joy to holing out even the shortest putt, and fresh putting cups make it all the better. Greens are where course conditions are defined. Make sure your golfers notice the attention to detail you give your greens by providing clean, fresh cups throughout the season."
-Because Golfers Notice.
The patented Ever-White Cup has revolutionized the putting cup by teaming an aluminum outside with a Bright White plastic sleeve.
  • No paint to chip, eliminating the need for stripping, sanding and painting.
  • Easily replaceable sleeve stays tight in the cup during play.
  • Resonates with the classic aluminum sound when the ball drops in.

CLICK HERE to view the HGP Ever-White Cup Details page
 Click Here for Par Aide MAINTENANCE TOOLS Information (Rakes and More)
Accuform Ace II 17" and 25" Head
Smoothing out our ultra-lightweight design has made this rake better than ever before.
Accuform AccuCurv 15 in. Head
The easy-to-use design combines a patented two-sided profile with the lightweight feel of the Accuform Ace II.
AccuSmooth Bunker Rake
A patented original that rakes and smoothes. 22" head with 66" or 82" Orange Powder-Coated Aluminum Handle.
Bunker Pro 15 in. Head
Designed to be slightly heavier with greater sand-moving capability, itís another great option for you.
Accuform AccuLevel
The perfect tool for evenly distributing material on your practice area or to smooth out and break up soil in preparation for seeding/planting.
Accuform Landscape Rake
Long rounded teeth for smooth, non-gouging raking action and a large striking edge excellent for grading.
Accuform Plug Pusher
Accuform Plug Pusher.
Accuform Star Spiker
Heavy-duty steel head, with 18 stainless steel star spikes, penetrates soil deeper.
Accuform Turf Plugger
Accuform Turf Plugger
Accuform Weed Puller
Accuform Weed Puller
Accuform Soil Profile Sampler
This exclusive design makes extracting soil samples easier than ever.
Will wet down your localized dry spots by injecting water, wetting agents and other liquids.
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This water-based paint greatly reduces clogging and saves your grass from burning. With the highest pigment percentage, youíll get the most vibrant turf-marking paint available anywhere. High-quality resins offer a more consistent and long-lasting color. To go one step farther than our competitors, weíre offering a safer formulation. And itís environment-friendly, too, with the fewest VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and a nonhazardous ORM-D label.
Apply paint to your turf surfaces easily and generously! The Hand Applicator is essential for deliberate spot marking, while the Long Handle Applicator is appropriate for longer, even, more continuous marking. Both are lightweight and easy to maneuver.
White Marking Paint
Red Marking Paint
Yellow Marking Paint
Blue Marking Paint
Cover-Up Green
Fluorescent Orange
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